Image courtesy of Madison Hye Long, “Behind Our Backs”, Photograph, 2016.

Standing Rock

Photography/ Mixed Media
6 x 10 ft

Échame Aguas
Galería de la Raza (San Francisco, CA)

March 11, 2017 – April 30, 2017


Galería de la Raza presents Échame Aguas, an exhibition that centers water as the source of all life.

We examine water through various lenses, as it connects to the political, spiritual and physical realms within our society. We use the phrase “échame aguas” which translates to “keep a lookout for me” as a gesture of solidarity for all communities being affected by water related issues that threaten the well-being and existence of our earth.

Water is fundamental to our humanity as it keeps our physical bodies hydrated and our energy sources alive, such as plants, nutrients, and animals, while also maintaining a moderate temperature for our planet. In today’s political crisis all of these factors – humanity included – find themselves in danger. The artists in this exhibition engage water issues impacting our communities like: the Keystone XL & Dakota Access pipelines, immigration deaths, water scarcity in Flint, Michigan, animal extinction and fracking.

In these works, we seek knowledge and expertise from the many generations before us. We look to these objects to light the path of survival for the many generations that are to come. We look to water for strength and fluidity in the resistance against political forces that pose a threat towards the living. We turn to water in our practice of resistance, inspiring us with its cleansing properties and its ability to transgress into multiple states and yet remain united.


Jesus Barraza, Kevin Caplicki, Cece Carpio, Lou Dematteis, Fe Evaone, Molly Fair,  Thea Gahr, Tomahawk GreyEyes, Aaron Hughes, Sanya Hyland, Madison Hye Long,  Sarah Lee, Colin Matthes, Josh MacPhee, Fernando Marti, Delilah Montoya, Rick Ortega, Roger Peet, Spectral Q, Pete Railand, Erik Ruin, Shaun Slifer, Jess X Snow, Mary Tremonte, Bec Young

Format Mixed Media
Location San Francisco, CA