Love and Protect, Love and Organized, Resist, Defend the Scared

Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas
Various Dimensions

Hometown Heroes
The Greenlining 360 Center (Oakland, CA)


The Greenlining Institute will host a grand opening event at its newly renovated building in downtown Oakland.  Formerly a dilapidated bank office, Greenlining set out to reclaim and revitalize the structure as a flourishing, energy-efficient nonprofit center built with local, minority-owned businesses. In addition to providing space to several other nonprofits at affordable, below-market rents, Greenlining designed the building to include community spaces for meetings and to showcase the work of diverse local artists.

The Greenlining 360 Center
360 14th St., Oakland

Local artists whose work will be showcased include Alan Johnson, Alfred Twu, Amana Johnson, Cece Carpio, Favianna Rodriguez, Joyce Gordon Gallery, Melanie Cervantes, Pablo Soto Campoamor, Pancho Peskador, and Robert Liu Trujillo.

Format Canvas
Location Oakland, CA