Health 4 All

Mixed Media

17th annual Dia de los Muertos festival: The Tree of Life – El Árbol de la Vida
Hollywood Forever Cemetery (Hollywood, CA)

In collaboration with Lexx Valdez.


This weekend’s festival includes an altar honoring the lives of undocumented immigrants who’ve lost their lives because, like more than one million Californians, they lacked access to quality, affordable health care.

Immigrants like Gil Garcia passed away from untreated skin cancer. If he would have had access to preventive check-ups, his cancer could have been detected and addressed before it became terminal.  And Betty Balderama died of complications from diabetes which, if treated, could have been easily managed. Both Gil and Betty were undocumented and uninsured, and their family members are now part of the #Health4All movement, which lifts up the voices of undocumented Californians who envision a health care system inclusive of all.

Format Mixed Media
Location Los Angeles, CA